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We provide you all services ( Incorporation,  legal services,  taxation,  HR & Management,  Software & website development,  Digital Marketing, Business plans design,  funding support  etc . )I.e required to start and grow startup/ business .

How can we help you?

Macbell istart designed to help founder make easy to start entrepreneurial journey with unique startup tool kit , expert guidelines and true compassion . We built platform to support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey from start , grow to raise funding .

Help you in finding cofounder & team

Basic legal process

Complete Startup Tool kit


Digital Marketing

Design & Development

Business plan & investor pitch design

Certification , Taxation & Compliance

Fund raising

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Our Customer

We have clients from almost all state of india . Our abroad clients are from US , Germany,  South Sudan,  Kuwait , Bangladesh etc..

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Digital Marketing ( Basic )


Business Setup




Digital Marketing




Startup ( Idea to Startup)



Helping Founder to convert idea into startup

Start a company

Let’s start your startup with easy incorporation,  perfect cofounder and appropriate team .

Grow your startup

Grow your startup by unique professional business plan , startup tool kit and technology support. 

Raise capital

Search your best source for funding and find and apply for investment…

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."

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